We’ve started a blog!

Repeatedly, we’ve had guests at the NuWray ask for our recipes. So, instead of emailing individual people, I’ve decided to collect and post them here. I also want to let all of our previous guests keep up with what’s happening in Burnsville and Yancey County. For instance, we had a great Christmas Parade last weekend.

We’ll help you plan what weekends to come back by keeping you in the loop about upcoming events in the area.   Also, when we start having home-cooking classes we’ll give details here.  (For example, this spring we are planning a goat-cheese-making workshop which will include an evening wine, cheese and chocolate pairing.)

Dwain and Cynthia at the Creamery
Our Friends from Oak Moon Farm & Creamery

Visit their website to find where they sell their yummy cheese.

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  1. have love NuWray since my first visit in 1967. My father, Henry Clay Pope, Jr., delivered newspapers to the inn every morning as a young boy…. ( he dressed in knickers, and snap brim cap.)

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